About KRM Construction
KRM Construction, LLC is a dynamic and progressive company dedicated to the craft of building enduring, inspiring, and healthy environments, both socially and structurally.

Owner and founder Kevin Marshall garnered over 25 years of construction experience before starting KRM in 2006. A third-generation general contractor, his on-site training dates back to his earliest memories:

"Growing up my playgrounds were fabrication shops and construction sites. I have fond memories of play and work in these environments with both grandfathers and my dad. These are memories I cherish, even when I totally messed up their hard work! Wood, steel, concrete – there were so many possibilities where my imaginings took me. My toys were mostly hand-made, my forts vast and elaborate."

Kevin continued training in his home town of Pendleton, Oregon graduating with an AD in Civil Engineering Technology. Further training took him to the halls of Oregon State University, graduating in 1998 with a BS in Construction Engineering Management and studies in Business. But it's his life's work outside the classroom that energized his passion for building and renovation.

"There is vibrant life hidden in the dreams and plans for structures," he explains. "I have fun building dreams. I am passionate about what may become someone's memories."

Experience & Teamwork
With more than 25 year industry experience – including working on multi-million dollar commercial projects – KRM believes successful projects are built with integrity, diligence,
and creativity.

We create an atmosphere of collaborative partnership with our clients and the broader team of subcontractors, suppliers, and other independent contractors. We work closely with architects, engineers, and industry consultants to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our broad knowledge of construction practices, coupled with an understanding of what makes good architecture, enhances our ability to communicate effectively throughout the preconstruction and construction phases.

Trust & Quality Commitment
KRM is committed to building solid, trusting relationships with our clients. This means they have the peace of mind knowing their investment is as important to us as it is to them. We believe trust is built with integrity and honesty. Trust is what creates lifelong relationships, and is part of the respect and fairness that harbors great results.

KRM's commitment begins with a thorough review of our client's ideas, plans, and specifications. Our experience in visualizing 3-D real-time construction means we can halt possible budget challenges upfront. We keep abreast of current technologies and training to stay creative in our approach to construction practices.
Residential: Modern and traditional renovation
and new construction

Commercial: Renovation, build-outs, mixed-use, and built-to-suit

Specialty Housing: Student, low-income,
special needs

Concrete, steel, and wood frame structures

ICF construction

LEED – KRM has always practiced "green
building" strategies
Compassion and Respect: For our clients, for exceptional quality – built into every project.

Our ability to listen: To see the vision and needs of our clients – to summarize how KRM can build-to-suit their dreams.

Competitiveness with a mind for quality: Low budget doesn't always mean cheap appearance.

Attention to even the finest details: Going beyond expectations for our clients.

Developers, Architects, and Designers planning to build the future or revitalize the past.

Home and business owners seeking that new custom building or renovation. KRM is a start-to-finish builder but with the creativity to also
assist with specific phase work for the
do-it-yourself owners.

Community Supporters who make a difference
for our community (Street of Eames, Habitat for Humanity, HBA)


Experience, Teamwork, Trust, and Quality Commitment. Successful projects require this commitment to excellence.
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